8-8-8 Shower Routine

      8-8-8 Shower Routine

      8-8-8 Shower Routine 483 722 Unlocking Intimate Bliss: The Benefits of CBD-Infused Lube

      Honestly, we researched rubbing the belly fat away.. – and the internet did not disappoint.

      Massaging is a wonderful way to energize your body, destress and unwind. A good massage can have a stimulating effect on your digestive organs and thus can ease constipation, nausea and allow your body to make the most from the nutrition it gets. It boosts your metabolism, blood circulation and helps relax the sore muscles after a workout. This creates a stronger version of your body thus a perfect backdrop for your weight loss.

      Additionally, massages do work to reduce the dimpling of the skin that comes with the accumulation of fat.

      The benefits of this abdominal massage may include:

      • Helping melt adipose tissue
      • Improving digestive efficiency
      • Detoxifying the intestines
      • Relieving constipation (the mother of all health/beauty issues)
      • Stimulating the organs in your abdominal region
      • Improving circulation in your abdominal region
      • Reducing hunger and overeating
      • May help to alleviate nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion
      • Can provide results in about a week of consistent practice

      This protocol is recommended twice a day, as part of building your mindfulness routine. The aim is for you to spend more time feeling your body, reintroducing yourself to every inch and really getting in tune with your largest organ, your skin.

      So the protocol will also aim to tone your arms as well. Because yes its going to take some work.

      The Protocol:

      Set an 8-minute timer when you enter the bathroom.

      Dampen skin, if you ended up rinsing then shake that excess water off.

      Use one spoon of your infused Body Scrub and begin in your stomach area.

      1. Place one hand flat on your belly button.
      2. Begin rubbing in small circles around your belly button, gradually widening the circles using firm pressure. Each circle should take about one to two seconds.
      3. Don’t over scrub be gentle with your skin, you don’t want to be bruised (Sidenote dont bath in hot water after it stings, warm to luke warm water is best).
      4. Continue for two minutes, about 40 to 50 circles. Be sure to keep your stomach warm as you perform the exercise.

      When finished with the stomach area grab another spoon of scrub and scrub in circles on the rest of your body. Start with the neck, shoulders, arms, stomach again, then back, buttocks, thighs, probably add another half soon of scrub here, because we have thunder thighs lol, calves and then under your feet.

      Another Side note: why do so many of us ignore our feet? They take us where we need to go! Make sure and give your feet some attention.

      Ok that’s another topic for another post.

      At this point, we’d add shower gel or soap in the mix one time because our arms are killing us and the soap, lathering with the scrub also feels great. But you can also rinse and then repeat the soap process. That’s your choice.

      Once you’re finished in the shower. Pat skin dry, bask in the subtleness of your skin and now let’s polish.

      If you’re like us and you sweat at the thought of sunrise we wouldn’t advise using the body butter as a daytime application but rather use that at night. Otherwise, apply a light coating of body oil to the entire body, so your arms can stop hurting and the oil can nourish your skin. For nighttime application gather you some Shea butter muscle rub (a new fave), and or oil because the butter is thick and gently “Cream your skin” as we like to say.

      Don’t rush this process. The point is to drive home how much you love your body, how much you know your body and to visualize where you and your body need to be.

      Again it’s recommended to do this twice a day for 8 weeks, oh and by now the timer should have gone off and you’ve given yourself at least 8 minutes for the day.

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