Magical Pum Pum Juice

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We can’t tell you our secrets, but it’s infused and a whole lot of fun.


8 oz.


Disclaimer: Packaging may not match those in the image, however volume and sizes remain standard.


Orange, Lemon, Watermelon, Sorrel

3 reviews for Magical Pum Pum Juice

  1. Lyndell

    Having this with an infused meal for a brownie before is the recipe for a really fun experience. That’s all. Having by itself is no less fun, just depends on how much fun you want to have.

  2. Alex

    Had this for my birthday at a lime with some friends. This with a cookie will make for an amazing experience. You’re definitely going to love the flight experience.Its a definite go in my book. Don’t second guess yourself in getting it. Get it now!

  3. Abiiii

    well all I have to say is that MPPJ makes me want to [redacted] while someone [redacted] my [redacted] until I [redacted]

    tastes super yummy, it’s also faster than the avg edible in terms of kicking in. Try it today, you’ll definitely like it.

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